Fundamental methodology for shaping students' personality.
Based on the influence of motivating films and films with an educational effect.
Spiritual development and motivation.
13 lessons of spiritual and moral education based on films by Film festival "Heroes of a Big Country"
A special series of digital lessons - educational activities with viewing and discussion of specially selected films from the Award shortlist. The award was organized in response to the challenges faced by Russia and is implemented with the support of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives, FADN, the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, Rossotrudnichestvo, the Materskaya of New Media, and the Federal Center for Humanitarian Practices.

The lessons instill in young viewers responsibility, spiritual culture, traditional values, moral criteria and sincere desire to participate in the life of own country.

The program includes: "White Snow", "Golden Bronze", "Seventh Symphony", "One of Us. Hero of Russia Maxim Kontsov", "Chuk and Gek. Big Adventure" and other films.

Lessons are provided free of charge.

PART with English subtitles.
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The films presented on the site are used in educational institutions in all regions of Russia for educational purposes and are taken to the "Institute for the Study of Childhood, Family and Education of the Russian Academy of Education." The projects that passed the examination were highly appreciated and recommended for use for educational purposes.
Motivating film lessons - modern educational technology
  • convenience
    easy to prepare for organizers - no special skills required
  • endless geography
    equally accessible and effective anywhere
  • reliable tool
    special films and proven techniques
  • personal growth and motivation of viewers
Video of how it goes
Motivating film lessons
Motivating film lesson: delivery algorithm
  • 1
    Brief introduction to the topic
  • 2
    Viewer survey
    "before viewing"
  • 3
    Showing a motivational film
  • 4
    Viewer survey
    "after viewing"
  • 5
    Discussion-comprehension of the film with the audience
  • 6
    Filling out the organizer's form
  • 7
    Analytics of survey results
    (on request)
  • 8
    Obtaining a lesson certificate
Motivate to study, help unlock potential and increase awareness in choosing a life path
Talk about advanced competencies in various fields and help teenagers or another viewers to apply themselves and their talents in the future
Show that now a person's desire for self-development and his ability to use his strengths are of great importance
Motivating film lessons allow teachers to effectively solve the problem of education, integral development and motivation of students for consistent movement towards their goals
Key objectives of the film lesson:
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Motivation and tools to increase it
Especially for parents and teachers interested in effective dialogue with children and adolescents, the project team, together with the Teachers of Russia Forum, filmed a large interview "Motivation of teenagers and tools for increasing it." Practical solutions and useful tips on education and pedagogy.
The questions are answered by the co-founder of the "Motivating Film Lessons" project, producer, director, expert on the influence of cinema and content, psychology of motivation and development strategy, Mikhail Churbanov. The interviewer is founder of the Forum "Teachers of Russia", Veronika Pidzhakova.
Feedback on film lessons

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